Together we can help our country’s last-to-reopen sectors weather this pandemic and keep our workers employed. We are stronger united, so please reach out to your friends and colleagues and ask them to join us in the PPP Coalition today!

You can help build the PPP Coalition by:
  • Posting on social media that your organization joined the PPP Coalition and invite others to join. Here are a few suggested posts:

Today we joined @PPPCoalition to ask the Senate @SmallBizCmte to extend and expand #PPPforthePeople. We invite our partner organizations and colleagues to sign-on and make your voices heard: https://www.pppcoalition.org/

Join us in signing the @PPPCoalition letter TODAY! @SmallBizCmte has the chance to extend and expand the Paycheck Protection Program, providing much needed support to businesses across the country that were the #FirstToClose and #LastToReopen#PPPforthePeople #PPPWorks https://www.pppcoalition.org/

When COVID hit, the [YOUR INDUSTRY] sector was among the first to close and will be the last to reopen. Today we join @PPPCoalition in asking @SmallBizCmte to extend and expand PPP to help us and our employees continue to serve our communities! #PPPforthePeople #PPPWorks

Your organization can sign on to the @PPPCoalition letter and help make a better #PPPforthePeople: https://www.pppcoalition.org/

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  • Emailing your friends and colleagues with our letter to Congress and the link and encourage them to join our movement. Below is a template you may find helpful in your outreach. 

Dear friend,


Today, [YOUR ORGANIZATION] joined the PPP Coalition—a grassroots coalition of local, regional, and national entities from the "last-to-reopen" sectors of the economy—to advocate for the extension and expansion of the Paycheck Protection Program.


If you have been following the news like I have, you know that more federal relief is absolutely essential to the survival of not only our industry, but the entire economy. The PPP Coalition is working to improve the program’s terms to better serve both nonprofits and small businesses in the sectors that were among the first to close and will be the last to fully reopen. In order to keep serving the community at a time where our programs are needed more than ever before, we need Congress to make real changes. You can learn more about our requests to Congress here: https://www.pppcoalition.org/.


I hope you’ll join me in signing on and showing your support for these changes.


Your colleague in advocacy,


Thank you for your support of the PPP Coalition!